What is Online Coaching and How will it help me achieve my goals ?

Fabi Ferrarini

I have been training with Cody for 12 weeks. I can honestly say his style of training is great for anyone at any fitness level. For me, training with Cody was the next step towards a goal of mine- building muscle while minimizing the amount of fat gained .

I been following Cody on social media where he shares super dope content from training to nutrition, and also listening to his podcast for a while. He is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly sharing new innovative ways on how to improve being a better athlete and also simply being healthier all around, mind and body.
 Prior to working with Cody, I was making great progress but I was ready to take it to the next level and try to speed things up. As a trainer, Cody brings to the table a lot of knowledge and expertise. He is extremely passionate, dedicated, and always willing to help make the journey less stressful and more of a lifestyle.
As a trainer myself, within the last 12 weeks I have learned a lot with Cody. He is not your ordinary trainer that expects you to eat specific meals and do certain workouts, along the way, he’s constantly teaching and making sure that as his client you are understanding why things are changing !

john-hannaJohn Hanna

I was concerned at first that an online program wouldn’t be as effective as working with someone who was local. I was also concerned I wouldn’t be able to make the fitness and nutrition program work for my busy life as dad of two teenagers, who works and is married to a woman who has different fitness goals.

But I went for it and since I have seen a dramatic change in my body. At 47, I thought I was too old to ever see abs. But in only three months of consistent work, I’m in the best shape and health of my life. I’m stronger and my body fat is the lowest it’s ever been. I have abs!

I like how involved and responsive Cody is during the process. I never feel that I’m given a plan and just left alone to do it. There’s ongoing communication and accountability – in a way that really works for me.

Before the program I ate well, but now I understand how to make food work harder for me. This is knowledge I will use the rest of my life and that I share with my family.

I get compliments for how “fit” I look. I wasn’t heavy before I started working with Cody, but now I’m leaner and have a more athletic build.

I highly recommend Cody as a coach. Not only did he build me a program to achieve the results I identified at the start (fitness and nutrition), but he also cares about how I’m feeling as I go through the process, both physically and mentally. Cody is quick to make recommendations and/or changes to the program based on my current state.   These adjustments are what keep me moving in the right direction.

As someone who travels for business, I appreciate Cody providing the special workouts that work for the hotel gyms and the tips for eating out so I can stay on track. It makes a huge difference.

Cody knows what he’s doing, but I am responsible for following (and trusting) the process and doing the work every day. I’ve done this and the results have come quickly. With Cody as my coach, I’m excited to see the positive changes continue.

BoomBoom_performance-testimonials-04Kelly Dowell

Really proud of Kelly, who achieved her goal of getting stage ready and the best part was that we didn’t have to remove some of her favorite foods to get there (chocolate cherry milk duds, was one to be specific) AND to add to it, worked around a broken foot getting there! She’s a trooper!

Tracy Vogler

12 Weeks Nutrition Coaching – 12.8lb of Body Fat Lost!


flo before afterIan “Flo” Purganan

“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.” ~ Buddha

As long as I can remember, my approach in life has been guided by this very principle – with my family, at my job, sports, etc. Particularly in one’s profession, being passionate about you do is what separates people who are good from those who are great. Passion drives us to excel, to continually improve our craft, and take pride in positively impacting the lives of people our work touches.

This is what I appreciate and admire most about my personal trainer, Cody McBroom. Cody is not only passionate about coaching, he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his clients. He constantly strives to better himself and learn the latest training techniques and nutritional information.

When I first started working out with Cody about a year and a half ago, I admittedly was skeptical of how effective of a trainer he would be. I had worked out with numerous trainers in the past at big box gyms, to varying degrees of success. So I knew what worked for me and what didn’t, or at least I thought I did. Then here was this young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed guy who wanted to train me. What new things could I learn from HIM? Would he provide personal attention or would I just be another paying client? Cody, however, quickly dispelled any and all preconceived notions I had about him and about myself.

As a coach, Cody has pushed me more than anyone else I have ever worked with before. He has helped me to better understand and get in tune with my own mind and body. With his guidance, I have surpassed levels of strength and conditioning that I didn’t realize were possible. He is wise beyond his years, and has imparted volumes of knowledge regarding training and nutrition. He motivates and inspires me not only to give 100% to my workouts, but also to be my best in all other aspects of my life. He is always available and is quick to respond anytime I have a question or feel discouraged. It is for these reasons that I would recommend Cody as a trainer to anyone looking to make meaningful changes in their life. Most of all, Cody does it with all his heart.

~Flo Purganan

Alex Lind


Alex fights in a female amateur MMA league and needed to lean out to get to her fighting weight, but her main goal was to MAINTAIN that weight and level of leanness. In the course of 3 months, we cut 11lbs without over doing cardio and cutting too many calories. Her strength and performance increased, she maintained ALL muscle mass, and came into the fight at the weight desired… Not too mention months later, she’s still at this bodyweight.

Kyle Thompson


Kyle cut 18lbs in 12 weeks, while maintaining all his muscle, and adding more strength/weight to all his lifts – ALL while working through a chronic low back injury, going to school, and working.

Shardaa Murjani

Shardaa had a drastic weight loss of 30lbs to get ready for her bikini competition.

Unfortunately as many competitors know – it can be restrictive, far from flexible, stressful, and very difficult to get on track or sustain the weight loss post-show. So of that 30lbs, she gained 20lbs right back. Shardaa came to me and we worked on a flexible approach that fit her lifestyle and let her enjoy the things she loves most on a regular bases. We focused on building strength, getting a lot out of a little when it came to time in the gym, and most importantly… ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!

Happy as can be and proud as hell of what she has accomplished since we started, losing more than the 20lbs she gained back and not tracking a single macro! Although tracking macro’s is great and works very well, it’s not for everyone and Shardaa is a great example of the outstanding results you can achieve without it!

seanSean Stewart

“After a few short months of working in Cody’s coaching program I started to notice a huge transformation in myself. Not only was I getting stronger and losing fat, but everyone in my life began remarking on how I didn’t even seem like the same person anymore. I had a ton more energy and a surprising amount of confidence.”

Jessica Eadie

Jessica worked with me for a full year, losing 50+ lbs and even stepping on stage at Emerald Cup as a Bikini Competitor. In the mist of her transformation, she discovered a new passion and is now a coach herself! We still work together, she’s still cutting body fat and gaining strength every single week, and to add to it all… There are more bikini competitions in her future!

BoomBoom_performance-testimonials-01Angela Pham

“I’ve gone from being an athlete to being skinny fat and unconditioned to being strong, lean and fit. I’ve gone from doing nothing but cardio to enjoying lifting heavy shit and only doing some cardio. I’ve tried almost every “diet” from starving myself, going super low carb and low fat, being 100% paleo/whole30 to binging and starting all over again to having a balanced and healthy relationship with food. When it comes to fitness and health, my journey has definitely had its highs and lows.

All I wanted was to find a solution where I didn’t have to spend countless hours in the gym, I could have some structure around my calorie intake (e.g. I just need to be able to track that shit!) and enabled me the flexibility to fuel my body with nutritious foods 90% of the time but also allowed me to fit in foods that I enjoy (e.g. ice cream, pizza, etc.) from time to time.

That’s when I decided to hire Cody as my coach. Cody assessed my current training and eating habits against my fitness goals and provided me with a customized plan on how to obtain those goals. This included macros for me to track to (e.g. structure), instruction on how I can fit in foods that I enjoy without completely derailing myself (e.g. flexibility) and a training program that significantly reduced the amount of time I had to spend at the gym (e.g. more time to spend elsewhere).

My one hesitation about lifting heavier was that I didn’t want to look to “bulky.” Cody helped me understand that my body physically could not get bulky and ensured me that by pairing the training with the right nutrition, I would lean out and that I needed to just trust the process. He was all about leaning out the right and healthy way so that it’s sustainable afterward (e.g. no diets, no fads, no binging needed, no BS). With that, I went from 138lbs to 125lbs, built way more muscle and with more muscle, I lost more body fat. I even competed in my very first bikini competition and completed my first Spartan Race.

I LOVE the training. I felt strong again, I powered through the conditioning, my metabolism had kicked back in, I could rep out just as many push-ups as the guys and my clothes fit perfectly, highlighting and accentuating the parts of my body that I wanted show off (my booty and my arms!). Never in a million years did I think that I could be both strong, lean, sexy and able to eat carbs ALL at the same time. Cody definitely helped me develop a way better relationship with food and though it’s still a struggle on some days, he’s proven that he’s always there to help you through it (he actually gives a shit and digs into the details to understand you as an individual client).”

BoomBoom_performance-testimonials-08Cia Oh

Cia has done it all, lost the weight – added lean muscle – hit the figure and bikini stage – and now, she’s a coach herself! Helping others do the same!

BoomBoom_performance-testimonials-06Patrick Goodwin

14-18 Years Old – 164lbs – 125lbs – Current ~154lbs

timTim Adamsen

“When I first started training with Cody, I wondered how someone much younger than I am could relate to my goals and create training that would help me reach them. What I discovered is that what separates Cody from others I’ve worked with in the past, is his relentless pursuit of knowledge and how he can apply that specifically to me and my goals. A great thing for my personal style is that Cody explains the reasons and/or background behind what we’re working on. I’ve been in the coaching program with Cody and the results have been nothing short of amazing, I’ve been consistently losing body fat all while increasing strength and endurance. I not only recommend working with Cody, I highly encourage it.”

Michael Frantz

I’ve never felt comfortable in a gym.

I wanted to build muscle, but I felt fear every time I walked into a gym. I knew I was going in there to better myself – but I was too intimidated. I would leave without accomplishing much. I had zero muscle definition and wasn’t comfortable enough to take my shirt off in public.

Feeling failure after years of wanting to dedicate myself to building muscle and finally enjoy a summer that was ‘farmer tan’ free – I signed up for 10 sessions of personal training at a big box gym. I thought this amazing deal would be my answer. This would finally get me into shape and overcome the challenges I’d created for myself. Long story short – the trainer could’ve cared less about getting to know me and I quickly found myself puking behind the building after each session. He said the puking meant it was a good workout. This was not what I had in mind; maybe I wasn’t cut out for this. I only went for 4 sessions and didn’t complete the rest. He never followed up either. I was clearly just a number.

I fell back into my repetitive cycle of wanting to workout, but not actually doing anything about it – until I felt I had hit my lowest point and was desperate for help. I had been following Cody on social media and subscribed to his newsletters. I forced myself to write a very honest email to him – basically a cry for help. I still haven’t decided what I was more impressed with – myself actually reaching out for help … or the time it took Cody to reply. He was so prompt with getting back to me, I didn’t have time to back out of what I had just done.

Working with Cody has made a significant and positive impact on my life. He takes the time to understand my goals and holds me accountable. I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they had told me I’d feel confident doing barbell exercises. These are the exercises I was most fearful and nervous about and now I look forward to doing them?!

Cody understood my fears. He helped me to address them and break through the barriers holding me back. I’m proud to say this summer was farmer tan free. I can’t thank him enough.


Davontae’ Dashaun Bradley

195lbs to 195lb, complete body recomposition!

Although his weight did not change, his results show that he lost body fat while building some lean muscle! This is an example of what 12 weeks of proper programming and macro specific nutrition can do for you!

nyca before afterNyca  Nacario

As you can see, Nyca made a HUGE transformation with me. But the best part of it all is, she continued making this changes over the long run for a serious lifestyle of training and proper nutrition.

Nyca has now been with me for over 2 years, consistently training and following the nutrition protocols we built to help her get leaner, STAY lean, and most importantly – stay flexible, so she can enjoy her lifestyle as well. She continued to see results in her body and now is deadlift double her weight for reps on a weekly basis!

BoomBoom_performance-testimonials-05Cody “Boom-Boom” McBroom

Yes… This is my transformation picture! Growing up the chubby kid got worse as I got older and after my knee surgery at 18 years old, it again got worse. Unfortunately I avoided camera’s at all cost, so this is the best “before” I could find. My stats – 205ish lbs down to 160lbs, as pictured on the right. What changed?

MY ENTIRE LIFESTYLE. Nutrition and training were the guiding force for the change, but my confidence and energy since have been through the roof. Not too mention it helped changed my life by creating a career and passion for myself.

criagCraig Campbell

“If you want to lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength or just look good naked… Cody delivers. I was in pursuit of all of the above goals over the course of my time working with Cody and his programming was customized, results driven and most importantly, demonstrated that he listened and heard me. I highly recommend Boom-Boom Performance”

jessiesinghJessie “The Silverfox” Singh

(33 Years old, 25+ lbs. lost, muscle gained, injuries rehabilitated, healthy frequent traveling, and massive confidence accomplished, at an all time high!)

“A core principle for anyone training with Boom Boom is ‘accountability’. Accountability to yourself to follow the program to earn the results you’re targeting. With my travel schedule (180k miles flown in 2015), it would be very easy to not hold myself accountable – however, Cody is right there to help by providing me with on the road diet and training plans. He reviews the equipment available at the hotels I am staying at and adjusts the program based on that, as well as guide my diet towards whats available within my surroundings. So if I don’t train and stay on point with my nutrition when on the road, it’s all on me. ” – Jessie

Getting results does NOT have to stop or slow down due to travel, schedules, work, and life stresses. You just need a plan and support.

stephStephanie Eadie

When I first began training with Cody I was excited, I was ready to get out of the “big box gym” mentality, and get a new/real program started! My main two concerns were him telling me I needed to stop drinking and, due to previous unhealthy habits and a completely negative relationship with my scale, I was literally scared to weigh myself.

Working with Cody has completely changed my mindset and perspective on what a training program should look like. I used to train 2 plus hours a day, 6 days a week, nearly killing my self in the gym to try to get and maintain this “thin” body, I even ended up gaining weight doing that. Since I’ve been working with Cody I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, my confidence has soared & I’m getting that “Boom-Boom Booty”!

I’ve worked with numerous coaches before and Cody is the only one that has worked with me and took the time to teach me that I can still enjoy my happy hours and get awesome results by not only tracking my nutrition but my specific macro needs as well. He demolished my worry about the scale by beginning our program with measurements. Once I started to see the loss of inches, I became less worried about the scale and even now don’t stress about weighing myself.

Cody’s attention to detail on the programs he writes, quality in attention to form and reps to limit injuries, and the progression that he does for each program is extraordinary.

I would recommend Cody as a coach to everyone!! Cody will give you the tools to create a sustainable lifestyle of healthy training, nutrition and gains! His weekly client update forms keeps us on point and connected. Most importantly, he really takes the time to get to know you; his desire to change peoples’ lives is evident in everything he does from the seminars to his newsletters. It is evident he truly cares about each and every one of his clients’ progressions and life!”

nathan reyesNathan Estrada

Nathan went from 250-190lbs in my 12-week coaching program!

tim hTim Hagan

If you’ve lifted on your own before, you can probably relate to where I was before I began my training with Cody. I was bored with my workouts. The gym was a chore. I had stopped seeing results.

I kept telling myself that I needed to do the paper work…. design a more aggressive workout and nutrition plan… and then maybe I could recapture the excitement that I had years ago when I started. But doing research takes a lot of time and for every article you read on the internet there is another one that says the exact opposite thing. So who can you trust? If you’re going to be doing the work… you want to be certain that your hard work is taking you in the direction you want. Right?

Let me say this, “You can trust Cody to create the plan to get the results you want.”

After putting off starting back into a gym routine for 2 years, I had had enough. I needed help with this….”At least in getting started” I told myself. I finally pulled the trigger and hired Cody as my fitness and nutrition coach. We had a conversation about my current struggles and my future goals. He created a strategy for me. I committed to following it.

After 2 years of beating myself up for inconsistent workouts and not getting the results I wanted, I made visible progress in only 8 weeks with Cody. If I had questions, Cody was quick to answer. If I had back pain, Cody modified my workout. If I had diet obstacles, Cody had recommendations.

Then I got even more than what I asked for. I started having more energy throughout the day, I was sleeping better at night, I was functioning better at work, and my family and friends noticed an uplifting change in my mood.

So, I look at these pictures and think to myself, “Man… where I would be now if I hadn’t waited 2 years?”

rob dufferRobert Duffer

(Down 25lbs, from 200-175lbs, and building muscle and strength week after week!)

“After a number of attempts to get back in shape at a variety of local ‘big name’ chain gyms, I found them all lacking the details I was looking for. As a former U.S. Marine I always took pride at maintaining myself to the highest level of mental, emotional but most importantly, physical fitness. Upon transitioning back into the civilian world, over time I found myself slipping, falling into that abyss of mediocracy. That “good enough” complex was overcoming my “push yourself” mindset. I was settling for less, settling and giving in to… the resistance, the excuses, among the many in my head was – “life happens”. I reached out to my brothers in arms and was quickly recalibrated, reminded that life is what you make of it! – It’s all up to you… that’s where Coach Boom Boom came in.

When I first spoke to Cody, no doubt you could tell he takes pride in his work – he is a coach that walks the talk – he is actually “fit”. My biggest worry was my doubts after trying other programs – “how can this guy provide me the tools I need, the ones I seek to get back to that high level of fitness, both physically and mentally”. Well, it didn’t take long after my first consultation to understand that he is the real deal. He not only practices what he preaches, he great takes pride in his work and helping others. He is absolutely committed to help you invest in yourself, to help you get results! I came in to meet him overweight and out of shape coming in at just about 200 lbs. I am currently in the best shape I have been in a long while, holding steady at 175lbs. and exchanging fat for muscle every single day.

The best thing about his coaching is not only the training program coupled with accountability for measurable success, but also a nutrition plan to go along with it. This to me was the complete package, a change in lifestyle that would help me achieve my goals. Additional benefits from this change in lifestyle… no more knee pain, no more shoulder pain, I am stronger, leaner and healthier than I have been in a long time and I keep improving every day. I would absolutely recommend his coaching to anyone.”

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