It’s unbelievably sad, but 90-95% of dieters in America regain the weight in or within a year of stopping their diet. That’s means the failure rate of weight loss is

High Carb vs. Low Carb… Which one is better?

Seems that in today’s society, specifically the dieting world, you need to be in part of a “diet” (or “food cult”) in order to see results. You know exactly what

3 Exercises That Should NEVER Leave Your Program

There is no “Best Exercise”, just like there is no “Best Diet”. That’s just the unfortunate truth of getting results; because trust me if there were just one thing to do,

Why Losing Weight Fast Is A Bad Idea.

  Losing weight fast is a very popular topic in the fitness and nutrition industry. With marketing schemes and media pumping out crazy claims on such a regular basis, everyone

The 10 Diet Commandments

  In honor of the one of the greatest hip-hop artists to ever touch the mic, The Notorious B.I.G. – I’m a HUGE New York hip-hop fan, even though I’m

The Definitive Guide to Getting Lean After Your Freshman 15

As many of you probably know, the “Freshman 15” is very real. In fact, the “Sophomore 30”, “Junior 40” and “Senior I Stopped Counting” are all very real as well.

Are You Progressing? [FREE GUIDE: Key Strategies To Progressing Your Training For Results]

Anyone who is into bodybuilding, or even just training for specific goals and results, knows that one of the biggest factors in the process is progressive overload. Progressive overload is

“Active Recovery” – Burn More Calories & Build More Muscle on Your Rest Days.

As a reader of my blog, I can assume your goal is to look, perform, or feel better in some way, shape, or form. You’re probably looking to get lean,

Better Gut, Better Abs.

  Do the things I’m going to share with you in this article today, and I guarantee you’ll feel a hell of a lot better, plus you’ll get leaner if you

3 Key Things That GUARANTEE Results.

Access, Association, and Accountability. Within the first line of this article, I’ve given you the three most valuable things you can incorporate into your life to see the best results