Discovering True Human Optimization [Harsh Reality]

Human Optimization is a word that’s thrown around a lot today. Some say it’s being completely organic, some just think it’s being lean, and some believe if you fast and

7 Reasons Your Diet Is Failing

I got some unfortunate news for you today…. Every single diet you’ve ever tried, thought about trying, read about, or heard about from someone else… WORKS. Yup, even that one

12 Reasons Strength Training Trumps Cardio

90% of people who come to me expect that they’ll need to do a bunch of cardio to see the results they’re searching for and majority of the time they

6 Vitamins That Actually Get You Jacked (That You Can Find At Any Grocery Store)

The reason I’m writing this is simple… I kind of hate the supplement industry, to be complete honest and transparent. 90% of them are all about the money, lie or

‘Cheat Meals’, Refeeds & Diet-Breaks – What Actually Works

“Cheat Meal”… The two most holy words in the diet vocabulary that every single client or person on a diet ever wants to hear from their coach… I get it;

Intermittent Fasting – Everything You NEED To Know

Intermittent Fasting… Talk about a dietary can of worms! Typical bodybuilders and “Meat Heads” hate it and every hipster in the gym swears by it. If you don’t already know

High Carb vs. Low Carb… Which one is better?

Seems that in today’s society, specifically the dieting world, you need to be in part of a “diet” (or “food cult”) in order to see results. You know exactly what

Alcohol and Ab’s, 5 Ways You Can Enjoy Both.

Alcohol… Whether it’s Monday Night Football, summertime BBQ’s, date night with your wife, or just another Saturday with your buddies or girlfriends, alcohol is more than likely involved somewhere in

Better Gut, Better Abs.

  Do the things I’m going to share with you in this article today, and I guarantee you’ll feel a hell of a lot better, plus you’ll get leaner if you

The Exact Breakfast For A Leaner Body [What To Eat & Why]

“Exactly What To Eat For Breakfast To Get A Leaner Body” Follow These Exact Breakfast Guidelines To Burn More Fat For Fuel and Optimize Your Daily Productivity. The perfect breakfast…