Resistance. The #1 Thing Holding Us Back.

Overcoming resistance is success, period. To achieve a result, we need to overcome resistance. And this goes for everything in life, no matter what it is you’re searching for results

7 Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions

# 1 – I’m Ready To Get Fit! But Where Do I Start…? Most people are ready for a change and the first thing they think they “Should” do is

Top 10 Principles For Results Based Nutrition [Printable Infographic]

For a printable version of this, for you to keep, click here .

CLAIMING MY POWER. [Day 3 & 4, Resurrection Week]

  “Wow, its day 3 already… In the weirdest way, it feels like its been 8 days here yet for some reason it seems as if it’s gone by so quickly.

Get Shredded for Summer! [Free Diet Plan]

  What is the best fat loss diet plan? I always get that question and I always hear media titles about which meal plan to shred fat the fastest or

38 Tips To Burn MORE Fat

The second I finished my “46 Tips to Build More Muscle” blog, I knew I had to make another one in the opposing direction – Fat Loss. I knew there

“The Begging Bowl”

  Today I read a story, the kind of story that makes you stop, shut the book… and just think about this life we have and the life we insist

Why YOU Are Not Getting Results.

I think everyone, at least once within his or her training history, has been stuck. It’s that time where the scale just isn’t moving in the direction you’d like it

How Paleo Can Excel YOUR Results, Long-Term!

Paleo, paleo, paleo… Paleo is everywhere now! But really, what is paleo? Is it even a real thing? Should I be paleo? Is pale healthy. I’m going to try my