7 Healthy Christmas Recipes – To Keep You On Track This Holiday!

It’s that time of year again, the Christmas spirit and cheer is here and along with it came all the “diet-ending” treats we love so damn much. Maybe it’s just

3 Steps To Building A Better Butt

When I decided to write this article, my first thought was actually just being surprised that I hadn’t written it already… And now, it’s just being happy that I’ve decided

7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

I wrote an email for my subscribers the other day called “White Noise”. It went beyond just the fitness industry, but when I think about the title of this article

7 Most Frequently Asked Nutrition Questions

# 1 – I’m Ready To Get Fit! But Where Do I Start…? Most people are ready for a change and the first thing they think they “Should” do is

5 Recipes That’ll Make You Want To  ‘Eat Yo Greens!’

One of the biggest struggles for me when I started “Dieting”, I hate that word by the way… Let’s just use “Eating” because in reality an eating plan should be

Top 3 Overrated Fads, in the Diet World

Today my goal is simple and hopefully a quick one… That is to break down, in my opinion from what I’ve watched throughout the nutrition industry over the last couple

Should YOU Be Eating Dairy? Does It Ruin Your Progress?

Dairy, Dairy, Dairy…. I always hear so damn much talk and questions about it and honestly, it confused the hell out of me when I first started getting into nutrition

Top 10 Principles For Results Based Nutrition [Printable Infographic]

For a printable version of this, for you to keep, click here .

3 Key Things That GUARANTEE Results.

Access, Association, and Accountability. Within the first line of this article, I’ve given you the three most valuable things you can incorporate into your life to see the best results

CLAIMING MY POWER. [Day 3 & 4, Resurrection Week]

  “Wow, its day 3 already… In the weirdest way, it feels like its been 8 days here yet for some reason it seems as if it’s gone by so quickly.