Discovering True Human Optimization [Harsh Reality]

Human Optimization is a word that’s thrown around a lot today. Some say it’s being completely organic, some just think it’s being lean, and some believe if you fast and

Why YOU Should Add Super-Shakes To Your Diet [PLUS 4 Recipes!]

Super-shakes are an awesome addition to almost anyone’s diet and so many people are failing to take advantage of them, today I’m going to show you how, why and which

Become Lean AND Healthy, Long-Term

  When I reflect back on all that I’ve been through in this lifestyle of fitness, from the training and dieting to the studying and coaching, I realize more and

Top 3 Most Under-Rated Supplements

Whenever I get questions about supplements it always makes me laugh because it leads to the same conversation every time, which is always revolved around fat burners or muscle builders.