‘Cheat Meals’, Refeeds & Diet-Breaks – What Actually Works

“Cheat Meal”… The two most holy words in the diet vocabulary that every single client or person on a diet ever wants to hear from their coach… I get it;

My Diet Story. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

  This may be the realist shit I’ve ever written for my blog. I know this because I’m nervous just writing it, let alone physically posting it. But I’ve learned

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS OUT!!!! Wow…. I think it finally hit me that I will be going on stage for the first time to pose in a NPC Physique Competition

I’m just over 2 weeks away from my first physique competition and the closer I get, the more difficult this becomes. The carb cut has started and it is pretty

EPISODE 9: Associate Pain vs Pleasure to Commit to Success

Week 9 people! I got to be honest… I’m addicted to this lifestyle. In other words, to most normal people, I’m nuts. I’m a little bit insane and crazy to

EPISODE 7: Be Accountable, Become Successful

Damn, it’s already week 7… I don’t mean “Damn” like it’s ONLY week 7, but more like its ALREADY week 7?! This whole thing has become such a lifestyle to

Your life is like a book, a magnificent story. This means two things; first, each page is a day and these pages/days are written in permanent marker that cannot be