6 Vitamins That Actually Get You Jacked (That You Can Find At Any Grocery Store)

The reason I’m writing this is simple… I kind of hate the supplement industry, to be complete honest and transparent. 90% of them are all about the money, lie or

“Active Recovery” – Burn More Calories & Build More Muscle on Your Rest Days.

As a reader of my blog, I can assume your goal is to look, perform, or feel better in some way, shape, or form. You’re probably looking to get lean,

How Paleo Can Excel YOUR Results, Long-Term!

Paleo, paleo, paleo… Paleo is everywhere now! But really, what is paleo? Is it even a real thing? Should I be paleo? Is pale healthy. I’m going to try my

Clean Eating VS. Tracking Macros

So here’s my take on the “Clean Eating” diet… It can make you fatter, not allow you to break plateaus and can be a mental mind F#@k. Now you’re probably