[PODCAST] Episode 138: Reverse Dieting w/ Brandy Wann

In this episode, I interview Brandy Wann who is known as a Reverse Diet Expert. Brandy is a iN3 Nutrition Coach, Previous CrossFit Athlete and Gym Owner, and overall Nutrition

The Nutrition Hierarchy – The All Inclusive Guide To Mastering Your Diet

 The 5-Part Nutrition Hierarchy series is finally complete and wrapped up into a 60-page ebook for you to learn the exact tools needed to fully understand and master your diet.

The Nutrition Hierarchy – Pt. 2 “MACROS”

Now that we’ve covered the biggest part of the pyramid, the foundation that truly determines the results we see with our nutrition – Energy Balance, a.k.a. Calories (Click Here Now

The Nutrition Hierarchy – Part 1 “Calories”

Part 1 – Energy Balance (A.K.A. Calories) Preparing Yourself (Mindset and Materials) Before we get into the details and specifics of what energy balance really means and why it’s so

Top 3 Micronutrients You Are Missing, Yet Desperately Need

At some point in time, micronutrients became really uncool to consider as an important part of your diet. Macros were in and micros were out. Calorie control was sexy and

High Carb vs. Low Carb… Which one is better?

Seems that in today’s society, specifically the dieting world, you need to be in part of a “diet” (or “food cult”) in order to see results. You know exactly what

[FREE NUTRITION COURSE] Learning How To Eat For Results, The Right Way.

Macro’s, Calories, “Clean Eating”, Food Tracking Software, Going Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo… The fitness nutrition industry is literally flooded with fad diets and millions of opposing opinions on what is

The truth about calculating calories is frustrating, sadly. But as sad as it may be, it should also be quite obvious that one calculator cannot completely solve your diet problems…

The ABSOLUTE Best Way To Burn Fat

Everyone always wants to know, “What’s the absolute best way to burn fat?!” And I can’t blame them! Hell, I’ve been trying to figure out that same exact thing during

Clean Eating VS. Tracking Macros

So here’s my take on the “Clean Eating” diet… It can make you fatter, not allow you to break plateaus and can be a mental mind F#@k. Now you’re probably