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FUNCTIONAL MUSCLE: The Functional Approach To Building Muscle

This Training Program is a Program Designed For The Person Who Wants To Dramatically Improve Their Physique, While Saving Their Joint Health. With This E-Book, You’ll:

  • Have a 9-Week Phased Training Program That Has Been Tested on MANY of My Own Private Clients (i.e. – This is a 4-Day Split)
  • Experience The Training Systems and Approaches That The Top Strength Coaches Have Used To Build World Class Physiques and Athletes
  • Save Your Joints! The Functional Approach To Building Muscle is An Approach That Focuses on Movement Based Bodybuilding, Ensuring That You DO Build Strength and Muscle, While Sparing Your Joints (You WILL Feel Good On This System!)
  • Never Feel Over-Trained or Worked. This Program Balances Intensity and Recovery, To Make Sure You’re FULLY Recovered Every Week – Which is The Real Key, and Most Overlooked Aspect, of Seeing Results. Optimizing Recovery, Leads To True Adaptation. Adaptation is When Your Body Improves.
  • See The Exact Amount of Total Volume, Frequency, and Intensity, That ACTUALLY Works.
  • Experience Fat Loss, Too!! This is a GREAT Program To Use on a Cut. When Cutting, You May Likely Be in a Caloric Deficit – This Program Will Guarantee You Maintain MORE Muscle and Strength During That Caloric Deficit.

The Nutrition Hierarchy: The All Inclusive Guide To Mastering Your Diet

This E-Book is YEARS of Coaching Experience, Research, and Diet Success Wrapped into a 60 Page Book. With This Book, You’ll:

  • Never Have a Diet or Nutrition Question Again
  • Fully Understand The Value of Calories, Macros, Vitamins/Minerals, Meal Timing and Supplements
  • Be Able To Fully Design Your Own Specific Nutrition Plan (That Produces RESULTS)
  • Have Resources To Take Action On (Including Brands, Calculators, Sites, etc.)
  • Have EVERYTHING Needed To See Unbelievable Results Through Your Nutrition (Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Performance and/or Lifestyle)

The Handful Diet

Get this FREE ebook now and learn the simple solution to eating for a leaner body, that hundreds of people have implemented with using nothing but your hands to measure or track your food

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Online Coaching

Apply Now For The Online Coaching Program
That Is Producing Results Around The World.

Individualized Training Program

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Daily Access For Coaching, Support, Adjustments, and More…

Non-Stop Accountability To Ensure You Never Fall Off

Weekly Assessments and Measurements To Review Progress and Adjust When Needed For More (So Your Results Never Stop or Slow Down)

Free Initial Consultation Call, To Ensure This Program Is Right For You!

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