Cracking The “Carbohydrate Code”

I get a ton of nutrition questions on a daily basis, but the topic that rules the majorities is always Carbohydrates. Everyone wants to know how to perfect their carb

The ABSOLUTE Best Way To Burn Fat

Everyone always wants to know, “What’s the absolute best way to burn fat?!” And I can’t blame them! Hell, I’ve been trying to figure out that same exact thing during

10 Ways To Boost Metabolism & Burn MORE Fat 1.) Drink More Water. – A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism showed that drinking water (at

Clean Eating VS. Tracking Macros

So here’s my take on the “Clean Eating” diet… It can make you fatter, not allow you to break plateaus and can be a mental mind F#@k. Now you’re probably

Does Caffeine HELP or STOP Fat Loss?

Caffeine can help you burn fat… But wait it can mess with your adrenal glands… But that’s only if you drink way the hell too much… But this study said

Rules Of Flexible Dieting: While Traveling

So here it is, one of the biggest struggles for anyone attempting to lose weight, gain muscle or achieve any body re-composition based goal. A social life! In no way,

Is Your Metabolism Damaged?

Metabolic Damage [Refeeds, Cheat Meals, Reverse Dieting & How To Utilize Them For Results] So many fitness enthusiasts ask the same questions time and time again, one of the most

Your Diets Effect on Hormones & How To Benefit From Them

One of the most underestimated factors in achieving fitness results, which can actually be the biggest thing holding you back, is hormonal balances. Our hormones literally run our body. They

LESS THAN 2 WEEKS OUT!!!! Wow…. I think it finally hit me that I will be going on stage for the first time to pose in a NPC Physique Competition

I’m just over 2 weeks away from my first physique competition and the closer I get, the more difficult this becomes. The carb cut has started and it is pretty