7 Things Killing Your Testosterone [AND The Solutions]

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The “Body Fat Set Point”…. Myth or Truth?

The body fat set point… Myth or Truth? Such a great topic, also a really controversial one, which only makes me love it even more. But to be honest, the funny

Why I Love Weight Watchers…

Yes, I love weight watchers. And no, this is not a joke. What most people fail to see in weight watchers is the system they use for successful weight loss

Why Losing Weight Gets Harder and Harder… [& How To STOP It!]

The majority of the people I work with, including myself, want to lose body fat. The hardest situations I face are the ones that have already achieved this goal of

3 Steps To Building A Better Butt

When I decided to write this article, my first thought was actually just being surprised that I hadn’t written it already… And now, it’s just being happy that I’ve decided

7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

I wrote an email for my subscribers the other day called “White Noise”. It went beyond just the fitness industry, but when I think about the title of this article

3 Key Things That GUARANTEE Results.

Access, Association, and Accountability. Within the first line of this article, I’ve given you the three most valuable things you can incorporate into your life to see the best results

Finding Clarity & Presence [Day 2 Resurrection Week]

The second day of the most eye opening week of my life has arrived and to be honest, at this point, I’ve felt like 3 days have already gone by

Fat-Loss’s Worse Enemy… Stress.

Plateaus suck. Plain and simple, they suck. You’re losing weight, getting results, and out of nowhere… It comes to a screeching halt. But why?! Nothing has changed, you’re following the

38 Tips To Burn MORE Fat

The second I finished my “46 Tips to Build More Muscle” blog, I knew I had to make another one in the opposing direction – Fat Loss. I knew there