47 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Fat Loss

1.) Go Harder – You should be training hard. “Duh Boom Boom”… Yeah, well many of us out there simply aren’t doing it or have the accountability of getting it

Why You Can’t Keep The Weight Off

“Weight regain is generally the rule, with long-term follow up studies indicating that one-third to two-thirds of the weight lost is regained within 1 year and almost all is regained

7 Not-So-Obvious Ways To Break Plateaus

Plateaus suck. We’ve all been through them, some of us break through and others don’t. The sad thing is when someone doesn’t get the knowledge needed to break through a

The Final 10lbs…

The last 10lbs… It’s like the final put in a golf game. Precision comes into play, you need to dial things down a notch, slow down a bit and don’t

The Busy Man’s Fit Guide

“You practically live in the gym, Cody. And even when you’re not literally there, you’re writing, talking or at the very least thinking about it… Of course you can stay

10 Things People Who Stay Lean Year Around Do. (#7 Will Surprise You)

When it comes to creating the lean body we all want, the ultimate goal is really sustaining it. See I’ve accomplished that lean body before, more than once. Maybe you

3 Exercises That Should NEVER Leave Your Program

There is no “Best Exercise”, just like there is no “Best Diet”. That’s just the unfortunate truth of getting results; because trust me if there were just one thing to do,

Why Losing Weight Fast Is A Bad Idea.

  Losing weight fast is a very popular topic in the fitness and nutrition industry. With marketing schemes and media pumping out crazy claims on such a regular basis, everyone

Hip Mobility – Remove Low Back Pain & Improve Results in 5 Minutes or Less!

I’ve witnessed hip mobility literally save some of my client’s abilities to lift, play sports, move pain free, get leaner, build more muscle, get really strong, and the best one

Why You SHOULD Drink Coffee… [Myths vs. Truth/Benefits]

As a huge coffee lover, I’ve decided to take some time today to stand my ground and defend my favorite beverage – Coffee! I like to think I’m a pretty