After reading the title your problem wondering, “What in the hell will Boom Boom be rambling about this time?!”. But I promise that it’s worth reading! I mean… It’s always

 So we talked about sleep and why it directly links to your results in the gym. We broke it down into hormone functions, diet, performance, metabolism, etc. There was a

For as long as man has been around people have always said how important sleep is to the body. Theres always been the 8 hour golden rule, which is truly

You’ve tried everything in the book, twice, and you still haven’t reached the fitness goal you set out for. You’ve gone through every diet you’ve heard of, tried every workout

For many reasons, everybody should aim to train like an athlete. First of all would you not like to look like this guy?!

Low back pain is probably one of the most common issues of pain within the gym atmosphere. I’m pretty sure everybody has experienced it and most people don’t know what

Everybody see’s all the gimmicks when it comes to fitness and the fads the industry goes through. It’s actually quite funny to me, I love seeing the infomercials on TV.

One thing I always hear in the gym that irritates the hell out of me is, “I’m getting to old to do that kind of stuff”… Would you say that

When it comes to training there are always some aspects that people leave out or forget to put an emphasis on. This is usually 1 of 2 things, nutrition or

As a fitness and health professional, it is a crucial must to know everything there is to help guide the fat loss process. Because lets face it, everyone wants less