Your life is like a book, a magnificent story. This means two things; first, each page is a day and these pages/days are written in permanent marker that cannot be

Week 4 has begun! That means I got through the first quarter of the game, without a flinch! So I could recap my week right now, but I think we

Two weeks down…. Only ten more to go. Damn… TEN?! I think time has slowed down a little bit since I started this process. BUT, no matter what I WILL

Week 1 is complete! And DAMN…. That was a long week! But the best feeling I have had all week is the satisfaction of 100% compliance and achieving that success.

Today, you will learn 5 ways you can burn more fat on a daily basis… These 5 ways are easy, quick and somewhat obvious. But surprisingly enough, many people aren’t

Wow… I have a lot of respect for bodybuilders, bikini and physique competitors. Well, I always have because of their dedication and the fact that they will be on a

What you will find here today in my blog post is, in my opinion, the easiest possible diet to follow that will help you achieve a leaner and more fit

As I’m sitting here on this plane to Vegas for my mentor Luka Hocevar’s fit-business event, Changing The Game, at 6AM. … Let’s just say mind is going crazy right

Love posting a status asking what y’all want to read about and getting TONS of feedback… Lets me know a few things: First off, you guys actually read my blog!

Being awesome is to say the least, well its awesome. So in my opinion everyone should be awesome or at least trying a bit harder to be awesome. So how