What SHOULD & SHOULDN’T Run Through Your Mind, On Your Death Bed

I get asked the questions, “If I could recommend one book, what would it be?” That has always been the most difficult question for me to answer and I remember

If you follow my blog pretty consistently, you’ve probably been noticing that I have been doing a type of “Monday-Motivation” type of article bi-weekly at the very least. There are

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” –Paul J. Meyer 1.) Assess & Change Your Environment. -Look at the people

The Funeral Question

So…. It’s Monday…. Another week, but unlike the mass majority of the population… this gets me FIRED UP! Why?! Because it’s a new week, which is another opportunity to crush

2 Ways to Make Your Diet Easier & More Successful

2 Ways to Make Your Diet Easier & More Successful 1.) TRACK WHAT YOU EAT! This is huge for me and it should be for anyone else looking to see

Defining Your Appreciation

I recently heard a story of a young man; so young he can barely drink alcohol legally, which got locked away in prison. This man made a terrible mistake and

What Do YOU Stand For?

What do you stand for? No really, don’t just read that… Ask yourself and seriously consider the answer that comes to your mind. Whatever your answer is, it should be

The Pursuit Of Happiness: 5 Steps to a Happier Lifestyle

Sometimes the most important thing in life is to simply just be a good person… in fact almost ALL of the time that is the case. The majority of our

Rules Of Flexible Dieting: While Traveling

So here it is, one of the biggest struggles for anyone attempting to lose weight, gain muscle or achieve any body re-composition based goal. A social life! In no way,

Your Diets Effect on Hormones & How To Benefit From Them

One of the most underestimated factors in achieving fitness results, which can actually be the biggest thing holding you back, is hormonal balances. Our hormones literally run our body. They