10 Ways To Kill Cravings

When you’re on a diet, one of the most annoying things you’re going to come across are cravings. You don’t want them. They don’t go away or stop occurring. And

Boom-Boom’s Protein Balls [Recipe + Macros]

What could be a better snack then something high in protein, low in calories, easy to make, you don’t have to cook it, and it’s made entirely from whole food

Emotional Intelligence, Positivity, Being Present… Happiness.

    I’ve had many people tell me that I never get mad, I’m always so positive, or that they’ve never seen me mad. I’ve also had them ask me

Become Lean AND Healthy, Long-Term

  When I reflect back on all that I’ve been through in this lifestyle of fitness, from the training and dieting to the studying and coaching, I realize more and

Why Fad Diet’s Work… At First.

Fad diets do work, at first. And then the results slowly taper off until they rebound and you gain the weight back. So what really is the deal with this

1.) Don’t Stress, Have Fun! Might seem weird that the first tip for not ruining your fitness results is about stress, but this is the most important thing. Keep your

My Diet Story. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

  This may be the realist shit I’ve ever written for my blog. I know this because I’m nervous just writing it, let alone physically posting it. But I’ve learned

The Final Chapter…

  I love this saying above, because I’ve often referred to life as a book. Every single day is a new page, every month is new chapter, every year is

Turkey Day is upon us and if you’re as excited as I am, then you’re already hungry! I cannot wait to demolish everything my grandma puts out on that table…

Top 3 Most Under-Rated Supplements

Whenever I get questions about supplements it always makes me laugh because it leads to the same conversation every time, which is always revolved around fat burners or muscle builders.