“The Handful Diet” – Infographic, Meal Prep Template

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Top 10 Principles For Results Based Nutrition [Printable Infographic]

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3 Key Things That GUARANTEE Results.

Access, Association, and Accountability. Within the first line of this article, I’ve given you the three most valuable things you can incorporate into your life to see the best results

CLAIMING MY POWER. [Day 3 & 4, Resurrection Week]

  “Wow, its day 3 already… In the weirdest way, it feels like its been 8 days here yet for some reason it seems as if it’s gone by so quickly.

Finding Clarity & Presence [Day 2 Resurrection Week]

The second day of the most eye opening week of my life has arrived and to be honest, at this point, I’ve felt like 3 days have already gone by

Opening My Eyes To REAL Life & The REAL Me. [Resurrection Week: Day 1]

  Last week I was Resurrected, which technically means being raised up from the dead… If we want to get literal here. But honestly, I almost feel as if that

  This weekend, I learned the secret to success. Not how the most rapid fat loss technique, not the best post workout nutrition strategy for muscle gains, not the fastest

Fat-Loss’s Worse Enemy… Stress.

Plateaus suck. Plain and simple, they suck. You’re losing weight, getting results, and out of nowhere… It comes to a screeching halt. But why?! Nothing has changed, you’re following the

“The Begging Bowl”

  Today I read a story, the kind of story that makes you stop, shut the book… and just think about this life we have and the life we insist

“Fat-Burning Foods” [ Truth or Myth? ]

Do you ever read media titles that say things like, “Eat Salmon to burn MORE fat!” or “The top 3 Fat Burning Foods!”… I’m sure you have, I’m also sure