So we talked about sleep and why it directly links to your results in the gym. We broke it down into hormone functions, diet, performance, metabolism, etc. There was a

For as long as man has been around people have always said how important sleep is to the body. Theres always been the 8 hour golden rule, which is truly

You’ve tried everything in the book, twice, and you still haven’t reached the fitness goal you set out for. You’ve gone through every diet you’ve heard of, tried every workout

Stress is everywhere and within every person out there. Very few people are completely stress free, in fact I doubt anyone is completely stress free. But if there is someone

Low back pain is probably one of the most common issues of pain within the gym atmosphere. I’m pretty sure everybody has experienced it and most people don’t know what

Are you doing everything in your power to be the best you possibly can be? When you think about how you want your life to be in your head, are

One thing I always hear in the gym that irritates the hell out of me is, “I’m getting to old to do that kind of stuff”… Would you say that

After reading the title I’m sure your all a bit confused, why would you train under the influence? Well, ask yourself this. Wouldn’t it be great to look amazing and

Most people do not truly understand what it takes to become successful, I’m yet to complete that puzzle as well. But I do have a great understanding because of what

These past few weekends I have had the opportunity to learn and hang with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry thanks to my mentor Luka Hocevar, who