Why You Are Fat, Lazy and Tired All The Time.

I know the title of this article is a little harsh, blunt and “in your face”… But to be honest, that’s what most guys reading this actually need. They need

Cardio… what’s right, what sucks, and implementing it yourself.

Cardio… Man, it sucks. Plain and simple. None of us like it, yet all of us should do at least a little bit of it. You may hear people say,

Your “Part by Part” Guide To More Muscle, Less Fat.

First and foremost, let’s talk about whom this article is for. Plain and simple, this is for ANYONE who wants or needs to build muscle. So who is that? Literally

6 Vitamins That Actually Get You Jacked (That You Can Find At Any Grocery Store)

The reason I’m writing this is simple… I kind of hate the supplement industry, to be complete honest and transparent. 90% of them are all about the money, lie or

Training in a Hotel or Apartment Gym (VLOG – Complete Workout, Coached Through)

This Workout Program (Below) 1.) Ankle, Hip and Thoracic Mobility – 5-10 Min 2a.) DB RDL’s w/ 3-5 SEC. Negative – 5×6-8 2b.) DB Bench Press w/ 3-5 SEC. Negative

Lower Body Training Session Vlog (Working Around Low-Back Issues)

  Today I’ll be doing something a bit different than usual, going to do a “Vlog” instead of a typical “Blog”. Check out the video above to see my exact

37 Power Foods For Men

THIS IS NOT CLICKBATE! These are REAL foods that men THRIVE off of. I had to say that right off the bat, because… Well, I’ll just give you some background on

Your Gut (The 2nd Brain) Determines Body Fat, Health, Disease and More…

The human gut, or “The Second Brain” as most are calling it – which makes me believe it must be damn important for our health and wellbeing if it is

The Training Solution For Those Who “Don’t Have The Time”

Making enough time for fitness seems to be a pretty common roadblock amongst people. In fact, I’d honestly say that more than 60% of the applications I get for coaching