After reading the title I’m sure your all a bit confused, why would you train under the influence? Well, ask yourself this. Wouldn’t it be great to look amazing and

Most people do not truly understand what it takes to become successful, I’m yet to complete that puzzle as well. But I do have a great understanding because of what

When it comes to training there are always some aspects that people leave out or forget to put an emphasis on. This is usually 1 of 2 things, nutrition or

As a fitness and health professional, it is a crucial must to know everything there is to help guide the fat loss process. Because lets face it, everyone wants less

When it comes to training there are so many aspects to think about, especially if your looking for optimal results. But one of the biggest aspects that I’ve came to

These past few weekends I have had the opportunity to learn and hang with some of the biggest names in the fitness industry thanks to my mentor Luka Hocevar, who

  Intermittent fasting has been expanding in popularity right now more than ever and tons of people are confused and curious on what this diet style is. Intermittent fasting can be

    So many people have a confusion towards carbs and don’t know how to treat them as a nutrient. I have read many articles that set people up for failure